The Domaine

the valley

A large assortment of wine....

The domaine is situated to the south of the Corbières appellation, at Cucugnan, surrounded by the very impressive Cathares castles.

The domaine was founded in 1995 by Fabienne and Bruno Shenck and today they own 25 hectares of vineyards, several of wich are very old, the Carignan for example are over a hundred years old.

This particular erea in the mountains offers the best conditions for making flavoursome and well balanced wines: the sun, cool evenings, and the Cers ( northen wind) forming perfect conditions for the wine grapes to mature. The red wines reflect their land, complex, rich and generous.

....Organic Farming

The vineyardsare cultivated without fertilizer or pesticides, thanks to an observation of the bio-indicators, the flora end fona, and a respect for the yield of each plant.

We pay great attention to the maturity of the grapes, and a vigourous selection takes place during the harvest, wich is always done by hand.

We procede to a vinification process entirely free of sulfur ans yeast, with nothing else added.These areour requirements in order to produce top quality wines.

We are very attentive to the grape maturation and the grape selection during the hand made picking, wich avoids using chemical products or adding yeasts, without giving up our requirements to produce quality wines.

In 2013, we decided to intergate the methods of organic farming, and since 2016 the wines are certified organic.